Dr. Ashraf Hanna

Board Certified
Top Ketamine Doctor
Over 25 Years Treating Pain
Over 10,000 Infusions

Ketamine Helps Build Lives

Helping patients with Depression,
PTSD, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Lyme Disease
and more


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Our Patients travel from all of the world for Dr. Hanna’s Ketamine Treatments

Amazing Success in treating CRPS with IV Ketamine treatments!

Dr. Ashraf Hanna

Board Certified
Top Ketamine Doctor
> 25 Years Treating Pain
Over 10,000 Infusions

Ketamine Helps Build Lives

Helping patients with Depression, PTSD, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Lyme Disease and more

Our Patients travel from all of the world for Dr. Hanna’s Ketamine Treatments

Amazing Success in treating CRPS with IV Ketamine treatments!

We Pioneered The Use of Ketamine To Treat Depression and Chronic Pain

At IVKetamine.com, our goal is to provide the latest, cutting edge treatments for many conditions including Depression, PTSD,  CRPS, Chronic Pain, Lyme, Fibromyalgia and more. 

Dr. Ashraf Hanna, M.D.

Dr. Ashraf Hanna, M.D.

Director of Pain Management, Anesthesiology, Board Certified

Dr. Ashraf Hanna is the leading doctor treating depression, CRPS / RSD, fibromyalgia, lyme disease, PTSD, anxiety, crohn’s disease, ALS, MS and more with the BREAKTHROUGH IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy. He completed a Pain Management Fellowship at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and served as President for the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine. He is Board Certified in both Anesthesiology & Pain Management. He completed his Anesthesiology residency at Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, where he spent six months of advanced clinical training in pain management.



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From Chronic Pain to Depression and Fibromyalgia, IVKetamine.com Has The Latest Treatment Technology To Help You Heal.

Pain Treatment

Dr. Hanna is a world-renowned pain doctor, with over 25 years experience in treating Chronic Pain such as CRPS / RSD.

IV Ketamine Treatments

Intravenous (IV) Ketamine Infusion Therapy has emerged as a treatment option for a variety of Chronic Pain and Depression.

Depression / PTSD

Ketamine is one of the most exciting new treatment options  for patients with Severe  Depression and PTSD.

Latest Statistics


of Americans Report Having Daily Pain For the Previous 3 months


of US Adults Had Chronic Pain is 2016


of US Adults Had At Least 1 Major Depressive Episode


of US Adolescents Had At Least 1 Major Depressive Episode

Americans Lost Their Lives to Suicide in 2016


of Patients do not respond to Conventional Anti-Depressants

What Our Patients Are Saying

“I broke my pelvis last year, recovered, then months later had incredibly painful sensations from my hips, my thighs, and down to my toes. My nerves were recreating the pain of breaking my pelvis all over again and I had sharp shooting pains and hypersensitivity to anything touching my skin. I spent time bedridden, in a wheelchair, and was personally shamed for limping. Thanks to God and Dr. Hanna’s IV Ketamine Treatment I am now walking and can even walk up 3 flights of stairs! “

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Latest News

New Article: Ketamine therapy could be ‘groundbreaking’ in treating depression, CT researcher says

CTInsider article: Jayesh Kamath said the use of ketamine therapies for treatment of depression could be “groundbreaking.” “We’ve been stuck with antidepressants for decades,” he said. Kamath is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut Health Center....

Ketamine: A Promising Novel Therapy for Anxiety and PTSD

  Article from Psychiatry Advisor: Ketamine was originally approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an anesthetic, but is increasingly being used to treat mood disorders, such as treatment-resistant depression, anxiety disorders, and...

New article: Ketamine may prevent suicidal ideation

MONDAY, Feb. 7, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- A new clinical trial strengthens the case that ketamine -- once famous as a club drug -- can rapidly ease suicidal thoughts. Researchers found that among 156 adults hospitalized for severe suicidal thoughts, those given two...

Results of Randomized Trial Confirm Ketamine as Viable Non-opioid Alternative

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center have concluded that intranasal ketamine is as effective as intranasal fentanyl for the relief of pain from acute extremity injury in children. The findings from a recently completed randomized trial are...

Double-Blind Clinical Trial Shows that Dose Matters with Ketamine in Depressed Patients

The results of a new clinical trial with ketamine were published in Nature's Molecular Psychiatry journal.  Researchers conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-ranging trial of intravenous ketamine as adjunctive therapy in treatment-resistant...

The National Institute of Mental Health Highlights Ketamine for Depression

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) issued a highlight on ketamine for treating depression. The most commonly used antidepressants are largely variations on a theme; they increase the supply within synapses of a class of neurotransmitters believed to...

IV Ketamine Shows Promise in Clinical Trial with Depressed Teens

Researchers from the University of Minnesota and The Mayo Clinic found that ketamine caused an average decrease of 42% on the Children’s Depression Rating Scale(CDRS)—the most widely used rating scale in research trials for assessing the severity of depression and...

Yale study found no safety issues with long-term ketamine treatment

Researchers at Yale published a new study titled "Acute and Longer-Term Outcomes Using Ketamine as a Clinical Treatment at the Yale Psychiatric Hospital" in Clinical Psychiatry.  In late 2014, Yale began providing ketamine as an off-label therapy on a...

CNN Reports ‘Ketamine offers lifeline for suicidal thoughts’

CNN featured a segment on the use of ketamine for treating suicidal ideation--a novel, off-label use for ketamine that is currently being explored in human clinical trials.  The segment featured Dr. Sanjay Gupta sharing the story of Alan Ferguson.  Mr....

Ketamine alone beats methadone and methadone/ketamine combo for neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain is notoriously difficult to treat.  Patients are often treated as regular chronic pain patients and many resort to opioids to manage extreme levels of pain. Neuropathic pain can originate from infection, metabolic diseases, chemotherapy, trauma...

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